Lets Grow Together

So you love photography huh?

So do I! When I got into this industry I literally knew nothing, like nothing but that didn’t stop me from learning and doing anything I could to build my craft!

I found myself investing in A LOT of courses for online education and just constantly practicing out in the field! Learning how to master your camera and being confident in every shoot you do is every photographers dream.

When my business started to grow I realized I would love to teach and share the knowledge I gained on the way. Thus introducing the Lens Culture Photography Podcast!

Each week I post a podcast episode on either photography, videography or business! I don’t make money on this or do it for following, I publish my pod to help other creatives learn the ins and outs of this crazy photography and videography world.

Also be sure to check out my Youtube channel for all my video content knowledge as well!


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