Downtown St. Petersburg Engagement Session

I have be pumped for this one guys! Not only is this an engagement shoot with two people that I love but also I get to spit some knowledge that will hopefully help you out on your engagement session! So let’s get right into it!

5 Quick Tips for Your Engagement Session

1. Comfortability is King!

As a Florida wedding photographer and engagement photographer the number one thing that turn amazing images to ehhhh images is the couple not being comfortable! Staying comfortable comes from a few ways, first the clothes that you wear! I know at first you will think that you want to dress all fancy or wear and brand new outfit for your session but often I will suggest wearing clothes that you love on you and love to wear. Getting a new outfit is a great idea but just don’t wear it the first time at your session. Try it on wear it to dinner one night to insure that you are comfortable in it, things like this will definitely insure comfort on the day of your shoot! Lastly stay comfortable in your poses! If you are doing a pose that your photographer instructed and it has you feeling like a burnt pretzel, well your photo may come out looking like a burnt pretzel haha. Simply let her know that you don’t like this pose and I promise most likely the photographer will not be hurt.

2. Be Yourself, one more time for the people in the back BE YOURSELF!

One thing I always try not to do is pull my couples away from who they are as people! If all you two is make fun of each other and laugh at dad jokes I want you guys to be that way during your session. For me my engagement session are all about showcasing my couples love in a way that it is always seen by the friends and family they hangout with. So if between pictures you just wanna grab your man and squeeze his butt because you do that all the time, THEN DO IT! Trust me when I say that these type of images are always the ones that photographers love most anyway.

3. Always bring two outfits.

On average I spend around 60-90 minutes per engagement session and usually photograph my clients in two outfits! My couples usually wear something on the fancier side like a nice dress for her and a pair of khakis and button shirt for him. For their second outfit I usually suggest something more casual or fun like what you would wear to the morning market ahha, jeans and shirt for her and shorts and a polo for him, obviously pending the weather or season on the day of your shot!

4. Bring props!

Please bring your dogs…like please! Props are a great way to add personalism to your engagement session. If you and your fiancé love picnics in the park then bring a basket and blanket to have a picnic during your engagement session. Some other great props are the obvious flower bouquet and champagne are always a safe bet!

5. Have Fun!

I know it seems like a simple tip but don’t forget this one, it is probably the most important! You are celebrating your engagement and nothing creates better images than two people that are on a date and having fun! For me I try to create sessions that are fun and full of love! I like to have music playing during my session its keeps us loose and always ready to bust out some dance moves!

I hope these tips were helpful for you guys and as always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns! For those that are recently engaged or who are planning a wedding I would love to chat and learn more about you two and your wedding vision! Slide into my DMs here!


Photography kit used to capture these images!