Every moment is special but the most beautiful moments are the candid in between moments with you and your loved one and these are the memories I love capturing, the moments that truly matter.

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Hey you!


My name is Jonathan and I’m so PUMPED you are here!

A few things you should know about me from the start…. one, I say dude often but I spell it dood… two, capturing weddings is my thing and three, the picture on the left is probably the most serious picture I’ve ever taken in my life.

Capturing genuine, raw candid moments and hearing everyones’ unique stories truly makes me LOVE photographing and filming weddings.

In the beginning I had no clue if weddings and couples were going to be something I would want to shoot. I will never forget the moment that all changed. It was during my second wedding when I was getting a shot of the bride and groom at the sweet heart table without them knowing and in that moment I saw him lean over to her amongst all the chatter at the reception and he said “you are forever mine, and I am forever yours”. In that moment I smiled so hard and knew weddings were for me.


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